5. Reports  –


As soon as you complete a practice problem set, you’ll automatically get a results sent to the report module in the student portal. Your report will provide the overall summary of right, wrong, and blank questions. All your reports and scores will be dated and saved here so you and your parents can track your progress.

It’s important to understand how SATs are scored and keep it in mind when you take the practice test. It will help you improve your pace and focus on accuracy. Timed tests will be scored as follows: 

Each correct answer will be given 1 point. 

Each blank answer will count as 0 points.

On the 10 student-generated answer sections, each wrong answer on will count as 0 points. 

On the 44 multiple-choice sections, each wrong answer is a penalty and will count as minus .25 points.

The total score will be the sum of the correct answers -.25 X the sum of the wrong answers to your multiple-choice questions.  If the total score is a decimal that ends in .50 or .75, the score will be rounded up to the next higher integer. If the total score is a decimal that ends in .25, the score will be rounded down to the next lower integer.

The point score will be converted to a scaled score.

NOTE: “This score is an estimate of what your actual score would be on the real SAT if you achieved the same number of points on the test.  It is not an actual score and your actual score may be different than the one shown here.”