4. Timed Tests

SAT Math timed tests are similar to the Practice Problem Sets, except hints will not be available and feedback will not available after each problem is completed. You can go back and forth through problems throughout the test, and then get evaluation and feedback to improve your skills where needed.

Each EOL timed test consists of three sections, each displays a countdown timer:

25-minute section with 20 multiple choice questions

25-minute section with 8 multiple choice and 10 student-generated answer questions

20-minute section with 16 questions.

You choose the best time to start each section, but once the section starts, the time cannot be stopped. Once you have completed all three sections, your test will be scored.

Your score will include a summary of right, wrong, and blank (unanswered) questions broken out by test sections. In the case of wrong and blank answers, the correct answer is shown. Click on each problem to see your work as well as helpful feedback. You can then correct the problem and use new feedback to reinforce what you have learned from your corrected solution.