3. Practice Problem Sets –

These sets of practice problem sets work like the practice problems in the tutoring module.  Once you’ve started a set, a problem will appear one at a time, but you can move forward and backward through the problems just by clicking the arrows.


When a question tells you to use a specific variable, please use it.  Otherwise incorrect information may be returned to you.


The sets feature two types of problems:  multiple choice answers or answers you generate and enter yourself on the worksheet. 


Each practice problem screen will contain the practice problem itself, the worksheet, and a place to choose or enter the correct answer.


You can get help with the hints and feedback functions on each of the problems in the set.  Attempt to solve the problem by entering your steps in the worksheet.  Be certain to solve the problem step-by-step.  Click the hint button at any time to get help with your problem solving. Click Submit to see if your answer is correct.  If it isn’t, you’ll see feedback telling you what you did wrong.