2 – Accessing the SAT Math Service

Welcome to EOL SAT  prep section.  Anyone can try out the free practice test.  To use all the testing and learning features of this section you’ll need to be an EOL registered student for the SAT math service.


Once you are registered for SAT math, you can access the features of the SAT tutoring service through the top menu tab on the student portal.


At the SAT Math page, you’ll see the side menu with two options:  “Practice problems” and “Timed test.”  Under “Practice problems,” there will be a list of available practice sets numbered “set 1,” “set 2,” etc.  Under “Timed test,” there will be a list of available tests numbered “test 1,” “test,” etc. 


Click on a link to see the set or test you want to work on.  Once selected, the link will turn purple to indicate that it has been selected.  You can easily switch between tests and sets by selecting another link at any time.